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Construction suppliers
Construction Supply Chain Challenges – How Construction Suppliers are Navigating the Ongoing Impact of COVID-19

The construction industry has faced many supply chain challenges during the pandemic. Find out how construction suppliers are solving them.

Rail transport
Sustainability in the Rail Transport Industry

Rail transport has been losing market share over the years in many parts of the world, but new sustainability efforts may reverse this trend.

Trade Industry
Emerging Trade Industry Trends and Challenges

Many sectors of the trade industry are expected to see staggering growth in coming years due to emerging trends impacting the global economy.

Food Manufacturing Companies
Food Manufacturing Companies in the United States – Industry Segmentation and Company Lists

Food manufacturing companies make up the third-largest manufacturing sector in the US. Find key market players from across the country.

Manufacturing Industry Trends
Emerging Manufacturing Industry Trends and Challenges Shaping the Global Economy

Manufacturing industry trends are shaping the economy more than ever as companies manage employee safety and plan their COVID-19 exit strategy.

Business Matchmaking
Business Matchmaking Services | B2B Matchmaking Platform

Business matchmaking services such as BizVibe’s B2B networking platform help businesses expand their reach to find the best fit for their services by identifying prospects and helping buyers and sellers

Utilities industry trends
Emerging Utilities Industry Trends and Challenges

The utilities industry is a large influencer of the global economy. Find out what trends to expect in this sector in 2022.

Service Industry
Emerging Service Industry Trends and Challenges

The service industry is growing rapidly and is one of the largest influencers of the global economy, driven by several key trends.

Wholesale Distributors
E-Commerce and Automation – How Wholesale Distributors are Evolving in 2022

The wholesale landscape is changing, and wholesale distributors are changing with it. Which new practices and tech are being adopted in 2022?

Information Industry Trends
Emerging Trends and Challenges for Major Sectors of the Information Industry

Discover the trends and challenges impacting the information industry, one of the largest influencers of the global economy today.

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